Want an alternative high performance spark plug?

Motortech have released a range of high performance sparkplugs which are aimed at replacing many of the commonly used 18mm plugs, and enabling customers to standardise across different engines.

The B8324 plug has identical dimensions to both the Denso GI & GL range, the Champion RB / FB /  KB77WPCC, and the Bosch 7302/5/6/7/8 and is therefore directly replaceable without any changed to the engine timing, HT lead, or coil.

The B8324 plug has (double) iridium as standard on the centre and ground electrode, an aluminium oxide ceramic insulator for the best flashover protection, and a unified 13/16 hex across the full range to enable a single plug to be used across all application covered by the plugs listed above. Key dimensions are demonstrated below in comparison to the Denso plugs…

Please email me if you are interested in getting a price for these new high performance plugs!

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