Smart and safe: 5 benefits of remote CHP monitoring

Remote CHP monitoring systems give operators full control over their engine, promoting efficient operation, protecting staff and increasing engine uptime. James Thompson of Gen-C outlines five key benefits…

  1. Increased engine uptime

    Monitoring systems send an instant alert whenever an engine shuts down. Operators can then remotely log into the control panel and alter any parameters before restarting their CHP within minutes, increasing engine uptime.

  2. Optimised fuel ratio

    Remote monitoring systems allow operators to constantly track the fuel mixture, recording trends and flagging any immediate issues. They can then remotely adjust the ratio before performance is affected, ensuring their engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

  3. Safer engine restarts

    By linking a smart monitoring system to a camera, operators can verify that no personnel are nearby before remotely restarting their CHP. Cameras also make it easier for companies such as Gen-C to remotely support customers, saving on monthly service fees.

  4. Extended equipment lifespan

    Rapid worsening of oil quality could indicate contamination, making the oil abrasive and reducing engine lifespan. Detecting this early helps protect expensive parts.

  5. Improved diagnostics

    Remote monitoring also improves accuracy in diagnosing faults. After reviewing a client’s data log, we recently discovered that the cause of their mixer fault was actually a problematic battery. We replaced it for just £40 – 10% of the cost of a new mixer.

To find out more about how remote CHP monitoring can improve your power generation facility, call James on 01709 718002 or email