MOTORTECH Repair and Overhaul Service

Ignition controllers are subjected to extreme loads and must fulfill a wide range of technical requirements under very tough conditions. Parts that are constantly under stress will wear out and tend to fail. Based on years of technical experience MOTORTECH offers a comprehensive repair and overhaul service for almost all popular ignition controllers. Our economically remanufacturing process covers intensive inspections, parts replacement, extensive reconditioning and full operational test procedures. Within an average of four weeks (depends on customer location) we return a fully functional product that looks as good as new.

Complete Overhaul of:-
•     ALTRONIC® D.I.S. series
•     ALTRONIC® DISN series
•     ALTRONIC® CPU95 series
•     ALTRONIC® CPU2000 series
•     CATERPILLAR® Ignition

Controllers for G3300/G3400
series gas engines:-

•     WAUKESHA® CEC series
•     WAUKESHA® IPM-Diagnostic

Ignition Controllers
•     All WOODWARD® Ignition

•     All MOTORTECH Ignition Controllers