MOTORTECH Spark Plug B4321 The Optimium for MAN Gas Engines
Fitted with a double iridium alloy and an extra long ceramic insulator, the new spark plug achieves the highest life times both in special gas operations and in engines with high compression on pressure.


  • Suitable for approved for all MAN engine types
  • Can be used with biogas and natural gas applications
  • Especially for high compression pressures
  • Iridium on center and ground electrode
  • Designed for highest life times
  • The much longer ceramic insultaor prevents cross arching

MOTORTECH Extended Barrel Spark Plugs

For certain applications extended barrel plugs are required. For example when the operator cannot get a conventional spark plug down the narrow spark plug well, he will need a special product that allows him to torque the plug from the top end. MOTORTECH offers an improved product to the market. Several of the known problems of products made by competitors are eliminated. Besides an increase in reliability the spark plug runtime needed to be extended. To achieve this, MOTORTECH uses base plugs with Iridium alloy (J-Type) or Nickel/Aluminum alloy (X-Type) on center & ground electrode. MOTORTECH extended barrel spark plugs can be ordered in different lengths, terminal styles or with an integrated spark plug wire.

• No more trapped air in the extension barrel
• No more condensation
• No internal flash over
• Built in ceramics
• High dielectric strength
• Rigid welds


These are available with three different terminal styles to be connected directly to a spark plug lead or a short integral ignition coil. MOTORTECH XTL-PLUGS are manufactured with an integrated 7 mm spark plug lead, which allows a direct connection to an externally mounted ignition coil. MOTORTECH XTL-PLUGS can be ordered with different barrel and lead lengths, different lead outputs from the barrel and a wide range of ignition coil connectors. This guarantees a custom- made spark plug which definitely fits your application. MOTORTECH XTL-PLUGS are also available for shielded applications. To meet CSA requirements, this type of spark plug is fitted with an integrated and specially designed spark plug lead. This is also known from MOTORTECH´s MOT-Blues high tension leads. The multi layer design ensures that no humidity can be trapped in the lead. MOTORTECH XTL-PLUGS can be ordered with different barrel and lead lengths and suitable ignition coil connectors, to allow direct connection to a shielded ignition coil. This guarantees a custom-made spark plug which definitely fits your application.