Denso Double Iridium (DDI)

The DDI's key to long plug life
DENSO has launched the latest generation of hard-wearing spark plugs − the DENSO DOUBLE IRIDIUM (DDI) spark plug. DDI spark plug technology improves and extends the spark plug's lifespan and requires significantly less maintenance than competitor spark plugs. The DDI spark plug is particularly effective when used in biogas engines.Try DENSO DDI spark plugs today!

DENSO's OEM expertise and commitment to innovation enables them to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge gas engine spark plug development. The unique and specialist technology used in the Iridium Saver and Iridium Saver Performer spark plugs range extends their lifespan, making them ideal for high-compression lean-burn engines. Iridium Saver and Iridium Performer spark plugs also help to maximise engine performance and deliver extra durability. Because they require minimal maintenance compared to standard plugs, Iridium Saver and Iridium Saver Performer spark plugs increase service interval times.