Regular maintenance is required to achieve the maximum service life in particular with high price spark plugs with precious metal alloys. Apart from readjusting the electrode gap, the spark plug should also be freed from deposits and residues that have formed during operation. By using the MOTORTECH spark plug cleaning kit these impurities can be removed easily and gently in the electrode area and on the thread within a regular maintenance interval. This will increase spark plug service life and cut maintenance costs.

Spark Plug Accessories

Gaskets for Spark Plugs

P/N Description For Thread Size Quantity
02.85.015-100 Spark plug gasket M14x1.25 100 pcs.
02.85.016-100 Spark plug gasket M18x1.5 100 pcs.
02.85.017-100 Spark plug gasket 7/8-18 100 pcs.

Gaskets for MOTORTECH ICP Spark Plugs
P/N Description Quantity
75.90.295-100 Spark plug gasket, copper 100 pcs.
P/N Description
07.98.718 Thread lubricant (4 oz/115 g)


The SparkView is a handheld device developed by MOTORTECH that can monitor the high voltage required by the spark plug while the engine is running. With a measuring clamp or cable and the display for up to 40 kV, it is easy to determine the condition of the spark plugs and the time at
which they need to be replaced. This guarantees a constant performance of the engine and a maximum utilization of the spark plugs. Quick and comfortable monitoring on a running engine makes it possible to detect:-

• Wear of spark plugs
• Failure of the ignition system (damaged ignition coil,
spark plug lead or ignition controller)
• Faulty compression of a cylinder

SparkScan is designed for operators who want to monitor their high voltage traces in a simple way. The inductive high voltage clamp is connected to a Scope. When attaching the clamp to a conventional spark plug wire (7mm), the probe measures the high voltage pulse and via scope screen the operator can analyse the trace. Measuring high voltage peak (kV) and spark duration (μsec) of all cylinders of an engine in a routine manner, will allow preventive maintenance of the equipment.

The Scopemeter has unique features like connect-and-view and trendplot that simplify taking measurements and reduce troubleshooting time when working in the field or in industrial environments.

The self-powered ScopeLite is designed to work with fully shielded ignition systems. A special clamp picks up the small trigger signal through the braid of conventional or MOT-Blues shielded spark plug leads. The signal is processed by the timing light and via LED technology a sequence of flashes is generated. On applications where MOTORTECH flange ignition coils with diagnostic interface are used, the ScopeLite can be attached directly to the BNC connector of the ignition coil. Even on applications with integral or standard flange ignition coils, the clamp can be attached to the shielded primary lead. When timing is checked on engines with non-shielded spark plug leads, a selector switch needs to be pushed which then steps down sensitivity. The automatic time based shut-off function saves the 2 built in 9 V batteries in case the operator forgets to turn off power.