Unshielded Ignition Coils

Ignition coils are becoming more and more important in modern, state of the art ignition systems. MOTORTECH offers a series of high performance ignition coils produced in its European facilities which are specially designed for use with newest technologies of MOTORTECH ignitions controllers:
• MOST – MOTORTECH Output Stage Technology of MOTORTECH MIC3, MIC4 and MIC5 ignition controllers
• Ideally suited for ignition of alternative fuels such as biogas

Several EPOXY ignition coils with different ignition characteristics are available for unshielded applications. These coils, commonly used with MIC500 and MIC850 or ALTRONIC® CPU95 series ignition controllers, feature a screw type high voltage termination and are designed to
function with the appropriate high voltage indication systems.

For existing installations with ALTRONIC® ignition coils, MOTORTECH offers a series of replacement products. The ignition coils are designed to have the same characteristics in regards of standard and extended duration as well as the electrical characteristics to function with the ALTRONIC® patented “Spark Reference“ high voltage indication system. Thousands of smaller gas engines (including CUMMINS®) are equipped with low cost ignition controllers like ALTRONIC® CD1 or CD200 series that use this compact coil. MOTORTECH offers an alternative.

Ignition Coils for CATERPILLAR® Gas Engines
The rising demand for specialized ignition coils has led MOTORTECH to the decision to design a new series of ignition coils, specially made for use with CATERPILLAR® gas engines.
• Compatible with original ignition coils
• Support CATERPILLAR® ignition systems
• Made in Europe

Ignition Coil Conversion Kits
For CUMMINS® Gas Engines
For CUMMINS® gas engines series QSK60G and QSV81/91G, MOTORTECH designed special ignition coil conversion kits which allow an easy, fast and cost effective conversion to the latest MOTORTECH equipment.
For CUMMINS® gas engines QSK60G and QSV81G/ QSV91G
• Easy and fast conversion (plug & play) of existing OEM ignition coil
• Cost effective solution
• For unshielded applications (non CSA)

Accessories for Unshielded Ignition Coils
Different ignition coil styles require different boots to seal the primary or secondary terminals. MOTORTECH boots are all made from highest grade of silicone (482 °F / 250 °C). The boots will remain soft and flexible over a long time and protect the operator from touching any low or high voltage terminations. The boots also ensure that the critical areas stay clean and dry even in the worst environment.

Flange Ignition Coils

MOTORTECH makes available the BLUE and RED flanged ignition coil as a replacement for the existing products sold by ALTRONIC® and the engine manufacturers. Specially designed versions for use with newest technologies of MOTORTECH ignitions controllers are also available:
• MOST – MOTORTECH Output Stage Technology of MOTORTECH MIC3, MIC4 and MIC5 ignition controllers

Flange Ignition Coils with integrated Primary Lead
Based on its known flange ignition coils, MOTORTECH offers a new series of coils with integrated primary leads. Different configurations with 90-degress and 180-degrees 2 pole and 3 pole connectors are available to connect the ignition coil directly to a wiring rail or to replace OEM parts in the field.

Flange Ignition Coils with Diagnostic Interface
These MOTORTECH ignition coils are designed for operators who want to monitor their high voltage traces in a simple way. Measuring high voltage peak (kV) and spark duration (μsec) of all cylinders of an engine with flange coils regularly, will allow easy maintenance of the equipment. With a MOTORTECH SparkView or digital Scope Meter the operator can receive real time data.

Flange Ignition Coils with Diagnostic Interface and integrated Primary Lead
MOTORTECH flange ignition coils with diagnostic interface are also available with integrated primary leads. These include different connector arrangements for a direct wiring rail connection and to offer an upgrade and replacement to used OEM products

Externally Mounted Ignition Coils

Shielded – externally mounted – ignition coils are encapsulated in a steel housing with welded lids. A bracket is used to install the coils on a wiring rail or directly on the engine. This type of ignition coil is connected to the spark plug by a shielded spark plug lead with a 3/4 in. or 1 in termination. Primary voltage connection is made by a 2 or 3 pole military style screw connector. All parts meet the CSA Class I, Division

Integral Ignition Coils – Slim Design
Integral ignition coils are designed to be mounted directly on a dual threaded spark plug. No spark plug lead is required. These ignition coils are mostly used in hazardous applications. Coil life is effected by the temperature that is transferred into the coil by the spark plug. On occasions where the spark plug leaks, high combustion pressure enters the ignition coil and forces the base coil to blow out of its housing. MOTORTECH has designed a top cover safety ring that will not allow this to happen.

Integral Ignition Coils – Fat Design
Integral ignition coils are encapsulated in a steel housing to meet CSA requirements. For slow and mid speed engines it is favorable to have more spark energy available. MOTORTECH has a full line of these special coils with 3 pole primary connector for use with MOTORTECH MIC3, MIC4,
MIC5, MIC500 and MIC850 series ignition controllers (includes support of ASC and MOST) available in different length to meet the application and spark plug requirement. Safety First!