The VariFuel2 is a high-tech variable Venturi type mixer that can constantly adjust to any fuel changes and allows the engine to operate at its most efficient point. Series 100, 140, 200 and 250 are available for engines with an air requirement up to 5.200 m3/h. Coupled to an air/fuel ratio controller, lean-burn or stoichiometric, it precisely regulates the mixture. It is very popular for applications with constant changes in calorific value of fuel. VariFuel2 uses a high precision stepper motor with an exclusive reprogrammable driver board (VariStep3). Various flow bodies and flexible inlet and outlet configurations allow fully flexible cross section adjustment.

Suitable for nearly all gas types:
• Natural gas
• Biogas
• Landfill gas
• Sewage gas
• Wood gas
• Wellhead gas
• Mine gas

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