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DENSO Iridium Saver Spark Plugs are a range of high efficiency, long-life spark plugs for gas engines that use Iridium technology to increase plug life and performance. The term ‘Saver’ implies the reduction in maintenance costs achieved by the extended plug life in high pressure, lean-burn engines.

1. Highly reliable monolithic resistor;

IRIDIUM SAVER guarantees high reliability for withstanding high combustion pressures by incorporating a stress-resistant monolithic resistor that adheres to the resistor glass in the high temperature furnace. In addition, this eliminates interference to electronic equipment from high energy coil noise.

2. Powder sealing

3. Hot lock

4. Special Nickel plating with better corrosive resistance;

Better corrosive resistance for condensed acid water.

 Iridium Saver Features


a. Reduced maintenance costs
b. Extended plug life
Required voltage is suppressed by:
1) Unique “Iridium alloy”.
2) Cross groove electrode, resulting in a longer life than conventional plug.


> Iridium alloy pad + platinum alloy pad; The Iridium alloy pad (developed and patented by DENSO) is located on the centre electrode. A platinum pad is located on the ground electrode. The two pads help to provide excellent wear resistance compared to conventional spark plugs.

> Dielectrical resistance welding (ground electrode); DENSO achieves superior performance by accurately controlling the welding conditions.