Ignition Controllers

Patented Technology for MIC3/MIC4/MIC5*

Efficiency-enhanced engines, highly compressed mixtures, as well as the use of a great variety of gas types are putting greater demands on the entire ignition system, including:
• reliable ignition even with weak or fluctuating calorific values of the gas
• compliance with the strictest emission regulations
• avoidance of knocking and misfiring
• reduction of maintenance costs through longer spark plug runtimes

These requirements can only be met by precision ignition behavior and efficient control of the ignition spark. MOTORTECH Output Stage Technology (MOST) was developed by MOTORTECH for this. MOST works with the following principles:
• adjustable ignition spark duration with different available ignition voltages
• constant spark intensity via adjusted ignition spark duration
• 200 to 700 mJ of primary energy (device dependent) are available