Pick Ups
A wide range of standard ignition pickups are available from
MOTORTECH to allow service companies and operators to
select what they need to do a professional installation.
High quality, designed to meet the application and temperature
requirements, MOTORTECH pickups will last and ensure
you are not experiencing any unexpected shut downs.

Pickup Leads
The reliability of an electronic ignition system comes with its
accessories. Every pickup needs a lead to connect to the ignition
controller and ensure that the signal is transmitted without
any malfunctions. MOTORTECH offers high grade pickup
leads that are all shielded against RFI interference. Preferably
a 90° connector is used as it routes the wire downwards and
puts less side load stress on the pickup.

Trigger Disc
A large variety of different trigger discs is available to
support upgrades performed by installing new electronic
ignition systems on engines that used to be equipped with
mechanical driven magnetos. Select between universal
trigger discs with magnets, metal inlets or discs that are
specially designed for particular engine models.

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